Sounds about right

Hello! I’m a first-year Arts student at the University of Waterloo, looking to explore the underbelly of popular culture, focusing on the captivation our society seems to have with not just the apocalypse, but the zombie end-of-the-world scenario. The end result of this blog should be a Blook, so for the best results and full effect, please read from the first post (Prologue), and move forward in the chapters! Stay tuned for more, hopefully I won’t disappoint!

Gaarrrhhhggggllllllaaaahh, (a zombie goodbye)



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Since your are using the edited collections, you might consult the following article for your section on I Am Legend:
    Let this Hell be Our Heaven: Richard Matheson’s Spirituality and Its Hollywood Distortions, by Christopher M. Moreman
    From: Journal of Religion and Popular Culture
    Volume 24, Number 1, Spring 2012
    pp. 130-147 | 10.1353/rpc.2012.0004
    Good luck.

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