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We’ve been hearing a lot about zombies over the last few years. The moaning, lurching harbingers of societal decay are more popular than ever according to the success of zombie-related television and film. What we’re seeing, though, is a biased look at the issue of zombie proliferation. Most depictions of the so-called “zombie apocalypse” focus on how humans can combat the walking scourge. They seek shelter, stockpile food and weaponry, and band together with other survivors. One technique for overcoming the zombie menace is consistently overlooked, though: We should just give in and become zombies ourselves.

Sure, zombification seems like a tough road to hoe. Your flesh rots. You crave fresh meat and human brains. Your every movement reveals the stumbling ineptitude of a 16-year-old drunk on keg beer for the first time. But really, is that so different from how we live now? We, as humans, constantly fight the…

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